GIST: Dj Maphorisa’s Affair With A Teenage Girl Gone Viral On Twitter

Here is How The Notable South African Amapiano Producer Dj Maphorisa Secret Affair With A teenagers Got Exposed on Twitter

This a fight that all started between two female Brand influencers who were formerly friends; Cyan Bouke and Beverly. Cyan Bouke brought this popular notice to the public about her ex-friend Beverly accusing her of sleeping with every man in Joburg.

You may be curious about what lead to this, Beverly was not only accused by her friend Cyan Bouke for sleeping around, rather Cyan Bouke was very specific about how Beverly is also currently having an affair with the popular South African producer Maphorisa with a prof of screenshots from their chat recently.

To whether this is true or not about the rumors are yet to be ascertained as Maphorisa is yet to say a thing about the news flying on the social media concerning him.

Several people on Twitter have condemned this occurrence tagging it all sorts of names while others are already making full memes of the popular Dj.

Best to our knowledge, this is not actually the first time such stories have been heard about Maphorisa. Peoples have begun to question their thought about his career and how he could still hold on to his urges while entertaining young teenage girls without violating them.

Some Tweep went as far as tweeting and retweeting the screenshots of the young brand influencers while others share several pictures of them showing disapproval and disappointment of action and choice of life.

On the other hand, other tweeps said that some of the factors that may lead to this kind of act amongst these beautiful influencers is clearly fame and money.

It has been a trendy topic all over the social media while many hauling Zodwa Wabantu’s name inside the topic saying that society has acknowledged and accepted Zodwa’s methods of dating more youthful men, however, many are in disapproval of Maphorisa impact on these girls and considering him a sexually Maladjusted.

Stories leading to stories have been told about Maphorisa act of sexual preferences and abuses based on several accounts on similar stories.

In recent times we have heard a rant about a lady that sent her nude to Maphorisa who later threatened the same to leak the nude if she fails to comply with his demands.

We are judging Maphorisa but, things that demand to be done right should be done right at all cost.

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